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PH Botanicals Expands; Opens "The Kitchen"

Elizabeth Pickett Gray has expanded her Pineapple Avenue skincare store.

By Megan McDonald April 15, 2016

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Elizabeth Pickett Gray is a woman of many talents: for years she worked in Hollywood as a makeup artist and hair stylist, then she moved to Martha's Vineyard and opened a bed-and-breakfast. It was there that she began experimenting with making her own skincare products--a hobby that arose when she began questioning the ingredients in the makeup she'd been using on her clients. She says that her family, friends and B&B guests were so supportive of the natural, organic products that she decided to turn her hobby into a full-fledged business called PH Botanicals.

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 Fast forward to last year, when Gray has opened a PH Botanicals boutique on Pineapple Avenue in Burns Court. In fact, she says, the community response to her first storefront--which also include natural cleaning products, soaps and gift items--was so positive that she moved into an even bigger space next door. The new shop is airy and full of light, and Gray now has a place where she can offer coffee and homemade smoothies to her shoppers. 

"I wanted the kitchen--that was really important to me, and [the last space] was too small," Gray explains. "The other thing is, I'm really good at making the products, but I'm not a salesperson--I'm more social. So when I got the idea for the coffee and the kitchen, I was like, 'That's totally me.' It just came together."

PH Botanicals is located at 537 S. Pineapple Ave. in downtown Sarasota; for more info, visit

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