Listeria Outbreak

Big Olaf Has Issued a Recall for Its Products

Following a CDC food safety alert recommending all Big Olaf products be discarded, the creamery has issued a recall.

By Lauren Jackson July 12, 2022

Big Olaf Creamery's St. Armands Circle location.

Big Olaf Creamery's St. Armands Circle location.

Big Olaf Creamery has issued a recall for its products following a multi-state listeria outbreak that the creamery may be linked to. On Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a second food safety alert recommending that consumers and retailers should dispose of all Big Olaf products.

The outbreak consists of 23 confirmed illnesses across 10 states. Nearly all the individuals lived in or traveled to Florida before falling ill.

Several Big Olaf affiliated establishments remained open after the initial CDC recommendation to throw away products on July 2. In a social media statement following the original CDC statement, Big Olaf stated that its link to the listeria outbreak was "only speculation."

Last week, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services collected ice cream samples from the Big Olaf production facility and is currently testing them for listeria. The results have not yet been released. The creamery has passed all of its previous health inspections with near-perfect ratings, but that does not rule out the potential for a listeria outbreak.

Big Olaf-branded retailers remain open locally, but have shifted to serving ice cream products from other manufacturers. The Siesta Key and St. Armands Circle locations are serving Yoder's ice cream, while the Pinecraft location is selling Chocolate Shoppe ice cream from a Wisconsin producer.

The listeria outbreak has led to two lawsuits against Big Olaf Creamery, one in which a woman died, and another in which a woman lost her unborn baby.

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