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Oak & Stone Launches New 'House Beer'

The restaurant's Snowbird Pilsner will be available at all locations year-round.

By Cooper Levey-Baker April 7, 2021

Oak & Stone's Snowbird Pilsner is being brewed in partnership with Clearwater's Big Storm Brewing Co.

Oak & Stone, the casual beer and pizza chain with locations from St. Petersburg to Naples, is adding a new "house beer" to its offerings. Snowbird Pilsner, brewed in partnership with Clearwater's Big Storm Brewing Co., is a German-style beer that will be served at all Oak & Stone locations year-round.

"This pilsner was created for Oak & Stone with a small twist," said Oak & Stone craft beer specialist Sean Barber, according to a press release. "The twist is the use of Perle hops instead of the traditional Saaz hops. Perle hops bring increased floral and spicy notes without an increase in bitterness. The Big Storm Brewing team created an amazing flavor and we’re excited to share it with our guests."

"We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Oak & Stone and take great pride in knowing we were selected to brew their year-round house beer," said Big Storm director of sales and marketing Shannon Brooks.

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