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Gyros & Seafood Express Gets Facelift, Adds Online Ordering System

The north U.S. 301 restaurant has something I'm hunting for more and more these days: a drive-through.

By Cooper Levey-Baker July 29, 2020

A Greek salad and fried oysters from Gyros & Seafood Express.

Located on U.S. 301, just north of downtown Sarasota, Gyros & Seafood Express has been a solid destination for a quick, affordable lunch or dinner for years, with a huge menu that includes everything from crispy-fresh salads to fried seafood platters, sandwiches and burgers.

It also has something that I'm hunting for more and more in these pandemic times: a drive-through. Being able to order and peel out eliminates the anxiety that comes with stepping into indoor spaces during the COVID-19 era. Looking for a place to grab a tasty meal to take out to Lido Beach in the evening for a sunset feast? Gyros & Seafood is your spot.

Gyros & Seafood Express.

In addition to its COVID-friendly car service, however, the restaurant has also recently remodeled the interior of the restaurant and updated the outside with a fresh coat of paint, as well. The eatery now also boasts an online ordering system and even an app.

The interior of Sarasota's Gyros & Seafood Express was recently remodeled.

All of that wouldn't matter if the food wasn't good. But it is. Fried oysters ($4.99 for six, $9.99 for 12) are extra-crispy. Doused with a pinch of salt, a squeeze from a lemon wedge and a dab of hot sauce, they taste terrific wherever you're eating them. A shrimp entrée, meanwhile, will cost you $5.99-$10.99, depending on size and quantity, and you can order them fried, served "scampi" style or with Cajun spices.

Inside Gyros & Seafood Express.

On the side, grab a satisfying Greek salad ($6.99) or turn the salad into a meal with a heap of gyro meat on top for an extra $2. Even the cheeseburger is great—bigger than a fast food burger and priced at just $5.49.

Any place with a drive-through is getting some extra attention from me these days, and judging by the line that can develop sometimes at Gyro & Seafood Express, I'm not alone.

Gyros & Seafood Express is located at 918 N. Washington Blvd., Sarasota. For more info, call (941) 365-0404 or visit the restaurant's website.

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