Calusa Brewing's Citronius New England IPA

Image: Benny Ray

While beer is delicious year-round, there’s something about a cold brew on a hot summer day that hits the spot. With local breweries busy producing crisp lagers, fruity ales and refreshing shandies, it’s clear they delight in seasonal flavors, too. Since we can’t visit favorite local taprooms, we’re sharing where to find the best summer brews to help you keep cool and discover your inner cicerone. Bottoms up!




New England India Pale Ale


Calusa Brewing


$16 for a four-pack of 16-ounce cans.


If you're a fan of juicy IPAs with a hint of dankness, look no further than the Citronious. It's made in single-hopped batches with 100 percent Citra hops, with a distinctive taste and aroma. Bursting with citrus, mango and tropical fruit flavors, the brew comes in for a fresh finish. Judges at last year's Best Florida Beer competition were so impressed they gave the Citronious a gold medal for best hazy IPA. Plus, the label has a cool octopus on it.

Good Food Pairings

Great with fish tacos, burger and fries with barbecue sauce, or use the hops to balance some spicy Madras curry.

Where to Buy

Until taprooms are open again, Calusa is canning all its brews for easy pickup. Visit the brewery's online order form here. Find Calusa at 5701 Derek Ave., Sarasota. For more info, call (941)-922-8150.

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