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An Old Bradenton Bank Has Been Converted Into a Fun Coffee Experience

Every cool, walkable neighborhood needs a cool caffeine provider. Tellers is exactly that.

By Cooper Levey-Baker January 2, 2020

Tellers is located in an old Bank of America branch in downtown Bradenton.

The service window at 1201 Sixth Ave. W., in downtown Bradenton, still looks like a place where you pull up in your car, scour your glove compartment for a pen and put signed checks into a pneumatic tube, but these days, it’s not cash that comes back through the window, but coffee.

Tellers, a whimsical coffee service window, opened in an old Bank of America branch in 2018 and offers a range of drip coffees ($2-$2.50), espresso drinks ($2.50-$4), teas ($2-$4.60) and pastries ($3.25-$3.50). You don’t drive up to the window, but instead park and walk up. When you get near, the old teller window whooshes open and a friendly barista asks for your order. Once it’s done, you can hang out at one of a handful of picnic tables or lounge in a chair set out on one of the old bank’s concrete islands, or just take your beverage to go.

The drinks are exceptional. A classic cortado offers a formidable kick, while the shop’s custom “Ricky Ricardo” nods to a Cuban cafecito, with espresso, hot milk and sugar. (The “Lucy” is similar, just a bit sweeter.)

Hanging at Tellers is fine, but I recommend taking your coffee for a walk. The shop is located in a rapidly changing section of Bradenton, with co-working facilities, hip marketing firms, cute hangouts like Oscura Café & Bar, the upscale restaurant Chateau 13, the bakery Sugar Cubed and The Daily Dose, a “juice garden.” Every cool, walkable neighborhood needs an equally cool caffeine provider. Tellers is exactly that.

Tellers is located at 1201 Sixth Ave. W., Bradenton, and is open 7:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday-Friday. For more info, call (941) 209-5144 or visit the shop's Facebook page.

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