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This Rosemary District Bakery Lets You Make Your Cake and Eat It, Too

Discover your inner cake boss at Make It Swirl.

By Olivia Epstein November 20, 2019

Celebrating a birthday at Make It Swirl

Walking into an event at Make It Swirl, the first thing you'll notice is your exactly circular, double-tiered cake. Next to it, you'll find a spread of frostings, an icing spatula, a turntable, an apron and piping bags. It's party time, but you're in charge of dessert.

Make It Swirl is part of Wonder Cake Creations, a Rosemary District bakery that creates wedding and specialty cakes. Rocio Davila, the bakery's owner and a self-described "sugar artist," started the hands-on program as a way to bring in customers and have fun. "I think it's been popular because so many people love baking and decorating cakes, but that process takes time and a lot of materials," says Davila. "We do the hard part—baking the cake, measuring frosting, getting the tools and getting it all ready. You arrive to the perfect setup, allowing you to create your own beautiful cake."

A recent ladies' night at Make It Swirl

You can book Mate It Swirl for private get-togethers like a kids' birthday party or an office team-building experience, or sign up for one of the shop's public events. Make It Swirl hosts regular ladies' nights out festivities, classes for parents and kids, pop culture parties (like a recent Game of Thrones-themed session) and seasonal events. (This weekend, for example, the bakery is hosting Thanksgiving-themed cake-decorating parties.)

If you're planning a private event, the shop offers more than 10 different cakes to choose from, with designs ranging from mermaids, Cookie Monster, a hedgehog and a macaron to pure chocolate indulgence. The space can accommodate up to 16 people; participants can bring in their own food and drinks, too. Got a crowd bigger than 16? Make It Swirl can bring its classes to you.

Of course, decorating a cake is fun, but eating it is even better. After you've brought your magical, sugary vision to life, take it home and dig in.

Party time at Make It Swirl

Make It Swirl is located at 1464 Boulevard of the Arts, Sarasota. For more info, call (941) 777-2987 or visit

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