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Sarasota Woman Launches New Kitchen Product Line

Nicole Coudal is now selling kitchen towels with fun printed designs.

By Olivia Epstein September 17, 2019

Nicole Coudal with some of her designs

Sarasota food blogger Nicole Coudal is launching a new product line called Delicious Dried Goods and her first offering is a collection of flour-sack dish towels. "These towels are an extension of my blog, which is all about cooking and enjoying good food," Coudal says, according to a press release. "But that all results in cleanup, which is when we need to reach for a reliable towel."

To create a dependable towel, you need to know what to look for, which is why Coudal, creator of cooking blog My Delicious Blog, was the perfect candidate for creating a new and improved version of the kitchen necessity. The towel is 100 percent cotton, large, lint-free and has a corner loop that makes it easy to hang up, and each one comes printed with a fun design created by Coudal and her husband, Brendan Coudal.

Coudal's towels can be purchased on mydeliciousblog.com.

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