Daily Bird's fried chicken sandwich.

Chicken gets dismissed as tired, bland and lame, but dredge it and fry it and you’ve got one of the world’s most comforting comfort meals. Trouble is getting the frying part right. The meat must be well-seasoned from skin to bone and remain moist through the entire cooking time, while the exterior must pop out of the oil craggy and crisp—no small feat.

Daily Bird, a newish casual restaurant that is part of the Caragiulo family portfolio, has got it down. The small eatery is located downtown, in the space that previously housed Atlantic Beer & Oyster, and serves sandwiches with either grilled or fried chicken; three- and five-piece fried baskets; a salad and even poutine.

While the chicken is well-fried, it’s the flavorings that stand out. The restaurant’s “Kim Chee Yum” sandwich ($9.95) features kimchi, Korean pickles and spicy ssamjang, while the “Trashville Hot” fried chicken ($9.95 for a three-piece) nods to Nashville’s beloved hot chicken. “The Salad” ($10.95), meanwhile, tosses together chopped chicken and greens with avocado, bacon and blue cheese. Don’t miss the deviled eggs ($4.95), topped with a curlicue of fried tapioca, and be sure to ask for Daily Bird’s home fries. At Daily Bird, every day is fry day

DAILY BIRD | 1534 State St., Sarasota, (941) 306-3103, daily-bird.com

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