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Cocktail of the Week: Yuniku's Lychee Saketini

An Asian-inspired beverage at a cool sushi hideaway.

By Hannah Wallace May 3, 2017

Lychee martini yuniku kjwenw

The Lychee Saketini at Yuniku

This week: The Lychee Saketini at Yuniku Endless Sushi and Hibachi

The drink: Vodka, sake, lychee syrup. Lychee is not everyone's jam, which I get, but I always appreciate the change of pace. It's sort of like grape juice, but...milkier? It melds well with the sake, while the unflavored vodka keeps it clean and light. ("The vodka keeps it light" is a sentiment that will no doubt render my mother equal parts proud and horrified.) Keep this one in mind as we wade into a long, hot summer.

The bar: Yuniku's big moodily lit horseshoe bar--think shaded windows and blue-lit liquor bottles--brings a cool, clean style that stands in stark contrast to its strip-mall exterior (just a few doors down from the lauded Brasa & Pisco). Like the saketini itself, the whole atmosphere seems designed as a refreshing escape from long, hot days.

Food: You can order whatever you want, a la cart and made to order, from the restaurant's signature "endless" sushi and hibachi menu. But don't be afraid to ask for suggestions, too--the chefs love to put on a show.

Other notable potables: A slew of Asian- and tropical-inspired concoctions touches on seemingly every fruit flavor in every combination. Par exemple: For a frozen treat, try the Orient Express which combines banana ice cream and coconut rum with piña colada and strawberry daiquiri mixes. 

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