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Cocktail of the Week: Duffy's Peep-tini

Happy Easter! We're sorry.

By Hannah Wallace April 11, 2017

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This week: The limited-edition Peep-tini at Duffy's Sports Grill of Sarasota

The drink: Vodka, whipped cream vodka, Godiva white chocolate liqueur, whipped cream, with a lemon-and-sugar rim, garnished with a righteously indignant Peep. 

Honestly, and no surprise here, but it's too sweet for me--much sweeter, even, than the scornful Peep itself. Still it was worth it just for the gag of ordering something so ridiculous at a sports bar surrounded by burly, Bud Light-drinking fellas. It does elicit a smile--whether it's a "Yay sweet cocktail!" smile, or an "Aw, I love Peeps" smile, or a "My oh my, what have we become?" smile. In any case, it's a cloying, irreverent, delightful affront to the Easter season, and I for one welcome our new Peep overlords.

The bar: The Duffy's chain may be a perfect fit for this University Parkway location, which has struggled through several iterations (Johnny Carino's once upon a time, and most recently Rev-el-Ry Pub). But, after extensive renovation, we now have an unabashed sports bar with too many TVs to count, plenty of seating and a welcoming, family-friendly vibe.

Other notable potables: An above-average sports bar selection, from your standard mojito/margarita/martini spreads to more, shall we say, "adventurous" concoctions like the Southern Sling, with Jack Daniels, banana liqueur and bitters. You can really taste the banana. Two-for-one deals all day, every day.

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