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Cocktail of the Week: Capital Grille's Stoli Doli

When a pineapple and a vodka love each other very much...

By Hannah Wallace March 29, 2017

Stoli doli capital grille ndwcyl

This week: The Stoli Doli at UTC's Capital Grille

The drink: Simple, really, just Stoli vodka infused with pineapple--which is to say that the vodka sits with chunks of fruit in it for at least five days, leaving a subtle sweetness that's neither saccharine (as happens with flavored liquors) nor watered down. Keep this refreshing little ditty in mind as we head into the summer months. We got ours on the rocks, but it's mellow enough to order up.

The bar: Despite the heavy wood and high ceilings, the bar/dining room pulls off a relaxed, neighborhood clubhouse kind of vibe.

Other notable potables: We're still fans of the spicy Fire & Ice, as well as the Blackberry Bourbon Sidecar, garnished with fresh thyme, or the Bohemian, which combines peach vodka, champagne and raspberries.

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