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10 Bucks or Less: Chefs2U

A mobile food business opens a stationary hub.

By Cooper Levey-Baker January 31, 2017

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Chefs2U's pulled pork and egg breakfast combo

Food trucks may be all the rage, but one local mobile food operation is finding that it’s pretty nice to have a home base, too. Late last year, Chefs2U, an on-the-go food truck and caterer, opened a brick-and-mortar breakfast and lunch spot in Gulf Gate. The new space serves a double purpose—it allows customers to wander in for a meal and operates as the commissary kitchen for the on-the-road operation.

The space is small, just 18 seats, with Santorini-blue tablecloths and crisp white linens and the Zombies on the stereo. I’m here at lunchtime. After a busy breakfast, it’s gone deserted, leaving me to eat solo. The restaurant’s breakfast options range from traditional (a classic two-egg special for $7.50) to imaginative (lemon curd pancakes for $9.50), ditto for the lunch menu, which includes the ubiquitous lobster mac ’n’ cheese ($10.50) and a “hot dog” made with Cuban-style pulled pork ($8.50).

I can’t resist the combination of yolk and pork in the pulled pork and egg breakfast combo ($9.50). The meat and poached eggs are served atop a waffle made out of potatoes and come drenched in a blend of salsa and queso fresco. The eggs are perfectly runny, the pork is crispy-edged but still moist and the waffle soaks it all up. The only miss: a dry, deflated biscuit on the side.

I’m also expanding my culinary horizons by chowing down on a Taylor pork roll sandwich ($8.50). Apparently it’s a Jersey thing? The restaurant hauls in a roll of mashed-up pork, then slices it thinly and fries it before stuffing it in a sandwich. The result: somewhere between charcuterie and Spam. Aficionados swear by it. It’s easy to understand why it would be a food truck staple. Now you can have it with a seat, to boot.

Chefs2U is located at 6584 Superior Ave., Sarasota, and is open 8 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Sunday-Friday. Call (941) 921-9070 or click here for more info.

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