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Where and What to Eat This Week - 12/21/16

This week: a healthy appetizer, cookies that are almost too pretty to eat and an "OMG Burger" worthy of its name.

By Eat Beat Team December 21, 2016

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For a healthy start to your meal, try the roasted almond butter hummus ($10) at Libby's Cafe + BarThe dippable dish has tons of flavor and is served with crudites and superseed crackers. It's a nice break from all those holiday indulgences. 

The peppermint mocha served at downtown's Buddy Brew  is a sweet balance of chocolate, coffee, and peppermint--the ideal holiday combination. It’s a perfect, festive drink to enjoy this week--even if it is 80 degrees outside.

"OMG burger." That's the name of the $14 cheeseburger at Boca Kitchen Bar Market, and boy howdy, does the final product earn the appellation. The thick patty comes out cooked right at medium rare, blessed with a toasted black crust that crackles when you bite down. White cheddar adds lactic goo and fresh vegetables add crunchy contrast, but really, it's all about that meat. A pile of truffle-and-Parmigiano fries helps, too.

The sandwiches Piccolo are legendary, thanks both to their girth (think actual submarine), as well as the plethora of cured meats, cheeses and accoutrements that fill their bread. The “godfather” ($9.50-$11.50) is indicative of what you can expect. Roughly as big as a Pinto, it includes prosciutto, capicollo, salami, sopressata, mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, oil, vinegar and a dash of hot giardiniera. You may never need to eat again.

For a treat that's as pretty as it is tasty, pick up a box of macarons from Le Macaron while you're out finishing up your holiday shopping (they make a great gift, too). Our favorite? The rose flavor, which features delicate pink cookies and is sweet and floral without being overpowering ($13.20 for six).

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