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Cocktail of the Week: Beulah's Bartender's Prayer

A strong, sweet and creamy creation at downtown Sarasota's Beulah.

By Hannah Wallace February 26, 2016

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This week: The Bartender's Prayer at Main Street's Beulah.

The drink: Jim Beam, caramel vodka, Sweet Lucy cream liqueur, garnished with cinnamon. First off, you smell the caramel--with just a whiff of cinnamon--even before the drink gets to your lips, but the first taste is all alcohol, then the cream gives it a smooth finish. Cocktail fans not faint of heart will find it a real treat.

The bar: There's...a lot going on with Beulah's decor, but it somehow comes out welcoming rather than hectic. (Fellow editor Megan, an avowed fan of all things fashionable and shiny, declared, "It's like my head exploded!") A real downtown crowd, too--a mix of middle-aged sophisticates, retirees and even younger couples.

Food: A handful of happy hour offerings ($11-$16) features a selection Beulah's elegant, elevated, seafood-heavy cuisine, including octopus and risotto or conch ceviche.

Other notable potables: One of the bolder cocktail menus I've seen lately. Gin and rum feature heavily, as well as various liqueurs. One example, the Come to Me: grappa, Hipnotiq and rose liqueur. (And you can read about Beulah's namesake cocktail here.)

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