Biz Bites: Eat Here

By Beau Denton January 2, 2014

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The Place: Eat Here Sarasota, 1888 Main St., Sarasota, (941) 365-8700, Downtown Sarasota’s two-story hotspot at the corner of Main Street and Links Avenue, one of three local Eat Here locations opened by Beach Bistro’s Sean Murphy, recently began serving lunch.

The first floor includes indoor dining and an awning-covered deck, great for people-watching by the sidewalk fountain that decorates one of downtown’s busier intersections.

The People: Well-heeled, in-the-know vacationers celebrating a day on the town; successful entrepreneurial types (including, perhaps, Sean Murphy himself) hammering out upcoming projects.

Time Factor: With the seasoned, professional staff, you can have a topnotch dining experience in under an hour, although in-season lunch crowds are sure to flock to such a popular spot. Besides, it’s a setting that encourages a little lingering.

The Food: The sort of exceptional and, at times, humorous (at least in the menu descriptions) fare we’ve come to expect of Sean Murphy, the lunch menu includes the popular and aptly named “one helluva tomato soup” with Maytag blue cheese ($7) and the bacon-wrapped, truffle-oil-topped “heart attack dog” ($8), which, the menu tells you, “comes with a short form will.” But start with the famed lobster tacos ($11), which include Gulf shrimp and a fruit salsa that accentuates the sweet lobster meat.

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