Hot Dish - April 2012

By Judi Gallagher Photography by John Revisky April 1, 2012

With a Michelin-star-rated chef like Maison Blanche’s Jose Martinez, you expect to be dazzled, and dazzled we were by his roasted suckling pig. This succulent dish doesn’t come to the table whole with an apple in its mouth, but in tender slices, with crisp skin and a hint of fresh herbs and dry white wine. Served with Savoy cabbage, smoked bacon with mustard seed, a sauce featuring vanilla bean, and maybe a glass of pinot noir, the dish skillfully showcases Martinez’ star power.

Maison Blanche, 2605 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key. (941) 383-8088. Read more Sarasota dining news at chef Judi Gallagher’s “Foodie’s Notebook” blog.

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