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By Hannah Wallace Photography by Krislen Kreis December 1, 2011


Monterey grill’s: Mahi mahi and fresh pineapple rice bowlThe Place

Monterey Grill, 3800 S. Tamiami Trail. Nestled along the quiet side of Paradise Plaza (away from Publix), the grill’s relaxed, sandwich-shop-style interior offers simple, comfortable tables and booths.

The Crowd

Polo-wearing professionals at their usual table; young families with a toddler in tow; health-conscious 20somethings who like a beer with their veggie burgers.

Time Factor

You’ll probably want to block out a full hour for dining in, but takeout is also a popular option for those who need to get right back to the office.

The Food

"California casual cuisine" says it all, from Mexican (quesadillas, $5.99 and up) to Asian (seared ahi tuna, $8.99) to classic American (bacon and Monterey Jack "Salinas" burger, $8.29), including flavorful health-conscious and vegetarian options, as well as plenty of meat and cheese. Deli sandwiches are a staple, but check out the rice bowls, served with basmati or brown rice and topped with offerings like Jamaican jerked chicken and fried plantains ($9.99), mahi mahi and fresh pineapple ($12.99), spicy seared tuna and avocado ($13.99) and more.

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