New Seasons

By Beau Denton September 20, 2010

When I was a child, making Jiffy Pop on the electric stove was a highlight before we gathered around the TV set for an episode of My Favorite Martian, in black and white no less! I loved Jiffy Pop, peeling open the big aluminum foil pouch—it was near high-tech at the time.

Well, popcorn is back in a new way, as an appetizer, accompaniment for crab bisque and even smashed as a crust for chicken and fish. Thus the inspiration to order popcorn with truffle salt recently at Libby’s. It was intense, and just a few bites really were enough. I love truffle salt and was happy to hear that Chef Fran was going to switch over to the truffle salt at The Spice and Tea Exchange on St. Armands Circle. I find that salt to be a better balance and no doubt it will make this new trendy food “pop” with a more gentle earthy taste.



Speaking of the Spice and Tea Exchange, I was fortunate enough to gather with some of Sarasota’s top chefs for a fabulous tasting by Jeremy Hammond Chambers of Innovative Dining. Jeremy presented several tastings including cocktails using the store’s salts and seasonings… stupendous. Sticky Toffee Pudding has a new meaning with a ginger salt touch.





Nice trip over to the Sandbar last weekend for a perfect sunset casual supper. A toast with a frozen mango daiquiri and a new fave—panko crusted tilapia sandwich. Start with peel-and-eat shrimp (Sandbar seems to make the best around) and don’t miss the Asian-Style Salmon Salad (my lunchtime go-to salad). Sandbar is fun when you want a beach day and flip-flops. Be a tourist for the day and watch for that little green flash. (Hey, come to think of it, I myself have NEVER seen the sighting—could it be sent from my favorite Martian?



Go for the tilapia sandwich.

Do you have a favorite spot that makes you feel like a tourist in your own town? Click on the comment button and let me know.




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