Pizza, Steak Bombs and More

By staff February 9, 2010


 Finding old favorites at Fenway's.


By Judi Gallagher


What happens when you mix a neighborhood family restaurant at a tennis club with New York style pizza, New England style steak bombs and gourmet Chinese food? Well, you get a surprisingly tasteful experience over at the sports bar at Longwood Run.


Now I have to tell you, when I first received the invite, I thought what the heck? I can get a funny blog out of it, anyway. I certainly did not expect real Chinese, but then it clicked. The owner is Weyli Chang, as in Weylus, the Chinese restaurants I used to eat in all the time in Boston and Salem, Mass. Yup, that be the family; so you bet I was chomping at the bit for some authentic Chinese that I constantly complain I can't find.

Our old friend Rick Chang serves up good food and a wonderful smile.

Fenway’s Pizza & More is not the atmosphere you might expect, but it works. You won’t find a pot of green tea, more like a pitcher of beer. Be prepared for a very small “snack bar” type atmosphere but heck, you can serve me out of a canteen truck if you deliver good food. And Fenway’s is real good. We started with dumplings (6 for $4.50) and then sank our teeth into a Boston Steak Bomb—yum! The onions and peppers were crisp and the bread a typical sub roll you could get at any local Boston sub shop. If I had one complaint, the French fries were cold—and that is a big pet peeve of mine—but when you hear how much food we ate the other night, you will agree I didn’t need those fried potatoes, anyway.

 Next up we tried a medium cheese pizza. This was a good pie. The cheese was salty enough to enjoy the bite, with flakes of oregano defining the flavor; and while I would have liked the crust a little more done, that is an easy fix—just order it well done next time. It didn’t stop me from scarfing down two and a half pieces before the Chinese food arrived, however.

 Good pizza; just order it well done for the crisp factor.


There are five entrée selections of Chinese, but Weyli promises me there will be more (trust me, if they add their Szechuan green beans with pork I just might move in to Longwood Run). We settled into broccoli beef for $8.95 and vegetable fried rice. I do hope they add pork fried rice, another old favorite from my Boston days at Weylus, but all that being said, the rice was very good and the beef with the broccoli as delicious as I remember.

 Broccoli and beef--now that's what I call real Chinese, just in time for Chinese New Year.


The burgers looked enormous and a good bet before trying the chardonnay chicken, another old favorite of mine.


You don’t have to live in Longwood Run or be a member of the tennis club. Just pull into the development off University Parkway and take your third right at the sign that says Fenway’s. For the namesake alone, Red Sox fans will rejoice, but honestly, it really was delicious. And they deliver for free! Call (941) 358-3888.





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