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By staff January 18, 2010

From cupcakes to cute breakfast stops, Sarasota is expanding its dining options.


By Judi Gallagher



I usually take a month or so before I check out the new kid in town. I like to give them a chance to settle in before I bring out my critical fork and knife, but how could I resist checking out a quaint little freshly painted yellow house in a not-so-pretty strip of unkempt cottages on Fruitville Road? Besides, the staff from John Carl Salon, just down the street, has been raving about the Key West omelet with shrimp, lobster, Monterey jack and lemon butter. I just had to go.


Yup—I said Fruitville as in downtown. We watched the work being done and still hesitated. How could this cute little redo that looks as though it came right out of Ogunquit, Maine, stack up to a Sarasota breakfast crowd? Quite well, I shall say. The inside is adorable, each table decorated by unique colors and salt and pepper shakers, with a kitschy feel all around.

 The cute interior gives the Breakfast House a welcoming feel.


The perfect home fries are reason enough to try this little nest egg. Hollandaise sauce on the eggs Benedict was homemade and delicious and a nice change from some other breakfast stops that try and sneak in the Knorr Swiss “fake” sauce. The poached eggs were clearly overdone, but forgiven—I will make sure to order them loose next time just in case. Their house specialty, Island Style Pancakes, were a home run, and all pancakes come with real Vermont maple syrup. (They do keep a backup bottle of the fake stuff for kids who crave corn syrup). The Island Pancakes, surprisingly not overly sweet, bloom into a creative and pleasing flower of grilled pineapple, shredded coconut and macadamia nuts that is decidedly light and fluffy and a good call to start the weekend before heading over to the farmer’s market on Saturdays.

 Those Island Pancakes.

Look for a new garden coming for an alfresco experience. I haven’t tried lunch yet but will give you the scoop as soon as I do. Service is a little scattered but forgivable for now, and the biscuits…well, fluffy and divine.

Before you head home, stop by Fruitville and Beneva for cupcakes at Cakes by Ron--wonderful flavors like Bostom cream pie, red velvet and carrot cake.



And if you haven’t heard yet, Trader Vic’s has just opened in the former R.J. Gators building at 351 N. Cattleman. Polynesian cuisine, here we come—I’ll be dining there on Wednesday, so stay tuned as their reputation is quite tasteful.

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