Welcome, J-Pan

By staff September 21, 2008

Sarasota gets a great new sushi restaurant.


By Judi Gallagher


If memory serves me (and I would not hold my breath on that), the location on the backside of Publix at Paradise Plaza has been everything from Mexican and organic to most recently Cuban. Finally, a new Japanese gem looks like it will be here to stay for a very longtime. J-Pan (3800 Tamiami Trail #33 941-954-5726)is everything a sushi lover wants: the freshest sushi grade fish with two incredibly talented chefs that infuse their own personalities into almost every dish. J-pan could be right out of Harvard Square in Cambridge or any block in San Francisco or LA, it is that good.

Paradise Plaza's new addition: J-Pan.


Not a novice to sushi and Asian flavors, I felt delightfully surprised by many of the dishes. Their volcano roll blends the cool flavors of ahi tuna and asparagus with a warm explosion of shrimp and baked kanikama. The low- carb Bonzai roll with fresh salmon, lemon zest, mixed greens and ponzu is refreshing and light yet all so flavorful.


J-Pan's sushi offerings are top notch.

Recently (perhaps my third visit in one week), I lunched with Johnette Isham and Rich Bergman (both amazing leaders for the Wellness Community Building of Hope). Rich, although never having been a sushi eater, in good spirit ordered the salmon bento box on my recommendation while Johnette opted for the Udon noodle bowl- (my son Eric’s favorite with tempura shrimp atop). While Rich may have been skeptical before the first bites, he was sold almost immediately by the fresh, clean tastes that J-Pan offers. In fact, he was so impressed that they named an off- the-menu sushi roll after Rich. I suspect he will be a frequent customer.

 J-Pan's Udon noodle bowl.

The Japanese version of ceviche with cilantro vinaigrette sauce is outstanding and a perfect dish to share as an appetizer for two. J-Pan also offers nightly specials and full entrees such as freshly grilled himachi and sea bass steamed with fresh ginger sauce. The menu reads “Welcome to the best sushi bar in town!”

Some of J-Pan's talented staff.


This food critic must agree!



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