Jazz Party at the Colony Resort

By staff June 30, 2008

Great food, setting and sunset make for a fantastic night.


By Judi Gallagher



As we head into the 4th of July weekend, I am so thankful to live in a beach community. While I’m not a powerboat fan, (sorry, don’t like loud noisy things but appreciate their charitable side) and in fact, will avoid the beach July 3-6, we do love early evening as a time to swim in near 90-degree Gulf water and have a light picnic supper. There is something about the sand between your toes, a beautiful sunset and good food that makes the experience all the more magical.


No wonder why we give a huge endorsement to The Colony Beach and Tennis Resort’s recent jazz dinner, Sunset on the Beach. This is definitely going down as an absolute favorite and I cannot wait until they announce their October date to make our reservations well in advance.

 Musicians at The Colony's Sunset on the Beach.

At about $75 per person, you come to the Colony Beach, where chairs and fire pits face the stage and wonderful jazz musicians play as you stroll to enjoy a refreshing cocktail at the many open bars, and feast, and I mean feast, on stations filled with grilled shrimp, ahi tuna, Asian duck breast, French fries and sliders. The desserts are outstanding, an incredible array of cheesecake on a stick, key lime tarts and Trish’s near infamous fruit snow cones with a good hit of flavored vodka.

 Delicious food prepared expertly.

Nostalgia overcame me, though, and I opted for a collection of graham crackers, marshmallows and Hershey’s chocolate, conveniently arranged for us with skewers, and went straight for the fire pit for some s’more assembly. (Thanks to the stranger that bailed me out and toasted my marshmallows when I winced too many times at the smoke in my eyes caused by the summer breeze—I’ve never been a camper.)

The key is to get there early to scope out your place with a fun group of friends that appreciate the beach, great food and good jazz with a whole lotta Colony hospitality.
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