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By staff April 16, 2007

A week within my comfort zone.



By Judi Gallagher

You know the old saying; If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? That about sums it up for this past week’s eating experience.  I took great pleasure in sitting back and enjoying my comfort zone, in part to share my favorite experiences with my new summer intern, Sarah, and in part for pure selfish pleasure. I have favorite spots—we all do, and every now and then, I swear I get withdrawal symptoms if I do not have my fix of a Hall of Fame burger at Lee Roy Selmon’s, a number 87 at Pho Cali and  the garlic duck at either Tropical Thai or Pad Thai, depending on my errand route.

Camembert salad at The Bottle Shop Bistro on St. Armand's

I do not like to deviate much from my favorite item at each spot, in fear that I might not enjoy the new item as much and sit longing for my standard favorite. How many times have you gone to your must-have burger place and for some crazy reason ordered the grilled salmon? I know—you spend the whole time gazing at the next table as they bite into the juicy medium rare big one, sautéed onions and mushrooms oozing off the melted Swiss and onto the fries.

A Tuna Carpaccio at Pacific Rim


 I certainly have my standard at Pacific Rim. Send me a Tampa roll with fish roe, an order of som tom, (cucumber salad) and if I am with a guest, an order of shrimp pad Thai and pork fried rice. Good ole Vet had me from the very beginning, serving me a fabulous new dish of tuna carpaccio, Asian style, followed by all of the above! Bravissimo—just add the new tuna preparation to my standard order for next week. The following day I insisted Sarah try the mussels frites at The Bottle Shop on St. Armand’s (941-388-1675). Being my intern, she needed to understand the passion of my journalistic interpretation. Unbelievable! I think my understudy is in full agreement now that not only do the mussels are the best ever, the Camembert salad with mustard vinaigrette most certainly needs to become a weekly fix.


 Oh, and Dr. Cervoni, if you are reading this blog, please do not take it seriously. I am eating only oatmeal and salmon with spinach to lower my cholesterol, but that was much too boring to write about.


Do you have a weekly fix at a local restaurant? Please post below or e-mail me at [email protected].
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