Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming

By staff February 26, 2007

A food week to remember.


By Judi Gallagher


You know when you wake up from a dream that you cannot quite remember but you have a smile on your face? You think about the dream throughout the day and bits and pieces flash into consciousness as a reminder. Well, that has been my food week!


The dream started early in the week (and it was most certainly in living color), when my fork was filled with creamy mushroom risotto and fresh braised radicchio prepared by Chef Longo from our sister city in Treviso, Italy during his delegation’s visit to Sarasota.

Taste Treat: Triple duck with raspberry-rhubarb chutney at The Chef's Table


My next adventure: I arrived at the Chef’s Table, on Cooper Creek Boulevard to see what the latest buzz was coming from the kitchen of chef Bob Atkins. I discovered that his English pea-crusted wild salmon with pan-seared polenta cake could be the salmon dish of the season, while the duck confit, layered with pan-seared duck breast and foie gras, topped with house-made raspberry-rhubarb chutney, was culinary ecstasy.

Southern Comfort: Sharing some good eating with Lee Roy Selmon


Embarrassing as this is to admit, not an hour later I was walking across the parking lot to yet another delicious venue. I joined fellow SARASOTA Magazine blogger Hannah Wallace, SNN Sports Anchor, Antoine Smith, and friends at the new Lee Roy Selmon’s American Grill for some hearty Southern cooking.  Former NFL great and Hall of Famer turned restaurateur Lee Roy himself, greeted us with a glass of his favorite drink, fresh-squeezed lemonade, as well as a plate of “Momma’s meatloaf,” and  the most incredible brisket quesadillas and authentic gumbo that I have had this side of the Mississippi. Hannah swore by the decadent chocolate cake (note: one slice can feed four and it’s served with a scoop of Blue Bell Ice Cream), though Antoine and I stand by the warm peach cobbler and bread pudding.


I can only imagine what awaits me next week. Perhaps somebody needs to pinch me—or is this job really a dream come true?


Did you find a dining dream come true this week? Please share it with us by posting below.
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