February/March 2014

By Beau Denton January 31, 2014

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Making It Work

How five local innovators turned their "aha" moments into awesome products.

"Why Did You Buy That?"

Mega-inventor Walter Herbst on products that sell.

BIG Dream

BIG (Bright Ideas on the Suncoast) links budding entrepreneurs to mentors.

Rising Star

Morgan Stanley's Aimee Cogan earns national accolades for her savvy financial advice.



From the Editor

We love Aha! moments.


Jim Roemer, hedge fund meteorologist.

Biz Rules

Recognizing same-sex marriage.

How's Biz?

Ken Powell, Marie Laforge and Darrin Chrisman.

Leading Question

What technology will soon change our world?

Biz Bites

MacAllisters in Lakewood Ranch.

Five Questions

David Rovine, Orioles-Sarasota.

What I've Learned

J. Mack Reid reflects on his lifelong Boys & Girls Clubs career.

Business Basics

How to protect your company from internal theft.

Education Report

Mentoring programs that work.

Off the Clock

A thought leader creates pizzas!

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