10 Best Beauty Trends

By Su Byron February 1, 2009

Laser skin resurfacing is a powerful technique that softens wrinkles, improves skin tone, eliminates age spots and repairs sun-damaged skin. Fraxel laser treatments are in high demand because of their minimal discomfort and downtime. Sandra Day, co-founder of NeoDerm Aesthetics, says she’s seeing “terrific results with Fraxel in reducing lip lines. The improvements are remarkable and last much longer than chemical fillers.” Four 10-minute sessions usually do the trick. ($100 per treatment.) 1991 Hyde Park St., Sarasota (941) 951-0388.

sd1.jpgFeel like giving your sweetheart something sweet this Valentine’s Day? Body & Spirit thinks outside the box of chocolates. Lucky recipients of Divinia’s Chocolate Pedicure are indulged with gourmet chocolates from Sarasota’s Divinia Jeanne’s Chocolate Heaven while their legs and feet are massaged with chocolate-scented massage oil. (For the record, the oil is golden—not brown—and not at all messy.) Sixty minutes of chocolate bliss for only $60! 500 Southgate Mall, Sarasota (941) 921-1388.

For the most luxurious shave in town, Just Gents, a salon offering hair, skin, spa and concierge services for men, does it the old-school way. The fortunate gent being treated to the Ultimate Shave enjoys a facial massage followed by a deep-cleansing scrub. Hot lather follows and, finally, the shave—with a straight razor. It’s all provided in a comfortable leather barber chair, just like the good old days. ($47.) 126 N Orange Ave., Sarasota (941) 330-9100.

sd2.jpgSnakes do it—why not us? Shed our skin, that is. Exfoliation strips cells from the top dermal layer to smooth the skin and trigger cell renewal, helping to diminish acne, scars, and environmental stresses. Urban Oasis Day Spa’s Multi-Vitamin Power Exfoliant employs a revolutionary blend of retinoid, lactic and salicylic ($120.) 1517 State St., Sarasota (941) 957-6400.acids in a conditioning lipid base. The result? Maximum exfoliation with minimum irritation and a refreshed and youthful glow. You’ll love your new skin.


Fango mud makes other mud look like, well, dirt. It’s Istrian clay, born in Tuscany’s volcanic hills and celebrated for relieving muscle pain, detoxifying impurities and even melting away cellulite. This miracle mud is the key ingredient in the Fango Body Mask at John Carl Spa, which begins with a full-body exfoliation, followed by the mud mask. After a refreshing shower, the aesthetician applies hydrating cream—leaving body and mind blissfully energized. Who knew dirt could feel so good? ($90.) 1345 Second St., Sarasota (941) 330-8000.

sd.jpgMyth: Men don’t need skincare. Fact: Men’s skin takes great punishment and needs a lot of care. The Gentlemen's Facial offered at The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota, caters to a man’s unique skincare needs with deep cleaning and hydrating, followed by a relaxing neck, scalp and shoulder massage. If a typical day at the office makes your skin crawl, this hour-long luxe pampering is the perfect antidote. ($160.) 1111 Ritz-Carlton Drive, Sarasota; (941) 309-2000.


sd4-(1).jpgFor a refreshed look without surgery or lasers, the Obagi Blue Peel atSarasota Plastic Surgery Center is the thing. This chemical peel removes a thin layer of skin, stimulating the growth of new skin cells and reducing wrinkles, eliminating age spots and refining skin texture. The treatment can be performed on the face, neck, chest and hands and includes several weeks of pre-treating the skin and several days of healing. ($300 for products; $425 per treatment, depending on area.) 2255 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota (941) 366-8897.

Dermabrasion is a great way to rejuvenate skin and eliminate deep lines, wrinkles, and acne and other scars. Although it's technically a surgical procedure, each treatment takes under 90 minutes and only a local anesthetic is used Dr. Raja Nalluri uses an electric, high-speed rotary wheel to scrape away uneven layers of skin and reduce wrinkles everywhere you want him to-from your face down to your feet! Treatments are: $125 (face); $75 (neck/chest); $75 (hands); $150 (arms); $75 (feet). 2001 Siesta Drive, Ste. 201; Sarasota (941) 752-7842.

If your smile lines get more attention than your smile, consider a dose of Juvéderm. This injectable gel of hyaluronic acid restores facial volume and can instantly smooth away facial wrinkles and folds, especially the nasolabial folds—those creases that run from the bottom of your nose to the corners of your mouth. Results last six months to a year. You’ll walk out of Dr. Christopher Adamson’s office smiling. ($650.) 5741 Bee Ridge Road, Ste. 510, Sarasota (941) 343-9900.

How about opening up your sixth chakra, a.k.a. your third eye? Try the Shirodhara hot oil and scalp massage at Mandala Med-Spa and Yoga Shala. This profoundly relaxing treatment, part of the Hindu practice of Ayurveda, increases blood circulation, nourishes the hair and scalp and offers relief from mental stress. The warm and fragrant oils smell heavenly, and, after the hour-long treatment, you’ll feel heavenly, too. ($100.) 1715 Stickney Point Road, Sarasota (941) 927-2278.


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