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What We'll Be Streaming This Thanksgiving Holiday

Need a rest after all that turkey? Try one of these binge-worthy shows.

By The Editors November 19, 2021


“I’m a sucker for crime stories set in the U.K., and have found Blood, which so far has run just two seasons (available on Amazon Prime Video) compelling. It’s not just for its Irish setting (outside of Dublin), or the mystery of who might or might not have done murder within the Hogan clan. It’s also about a family dynamic (hence the dual meaning of the title Blood), where secrets, deceptions and manipulation have tainted the love the characters also have for each other. You may not be familiar with the main players (Adrian Dunbar and Carolina Main as a father and daughter), but their performances are worth tuning in for.” —Kay Kipling, executive editor

Ted Lasso

"Is Ted Lasso (which streams on Apple TV+) a great show or just OK? I'm not sure. I loved the first season, in which much of the humor revolved around the culture-clash, fish-out-of-water comedy of an insanely optimistic American football coach taking a high-stakes job as the coach of a Premier League soccer team. Season two, which I'm currently in the middle of, isn't as captivating. The plot seems to have drifted into more traditional sitcom fare, to the point where I expect a character to become pregnant with triplets any day now. But there are still enough jokes that land to keep me watching. Hopefully, season two ends on a high note." —Cooper Levey-Baker, senior editor/food editor


"Yes, I know, I might be the last person on Earth to start watching this HBO Max show, about the rich and powerful—and extremely dysfunctional—Roy family, which faces a turning point in the first episode, when patriarch Logan Roy experiences a major health issue. And yes, you can now add my voice to the choir of everyone else singing the show's praises: it's addictive, compelling and easy to binge, like a soap opera on steroids. The characters are deeply unlikable—backstabbing, unfaithful, money-hungry and power-obsessed—and yet it's impossible to stop watching because the drama is just so good. Plus, the moments of levity peppered throughout each episode keep things from getting too serious. I just finished season one and am looking forward to seasons two and three, which is airing now." —Megan McDonald, digital editor

The End of The F***ing World

"When my girlfriend's 14-year-old daughter recommended The End of The F***ing World, I had my doubts, but it's a series that makes me jealous of those who are just clicking on the Netflix series. A dark, British comedy-drama, it’s a twisted road trip love story between teenagers Alyssa, a crass drama queen, and James, a budding psychopath. Neither fit in socially, and at first they only tolerate each other because there’s no one else who will. Linked by a yearning to escape family trauma, crushing loneliness and boredom, James at first decides to kill Alyssa but ends up laid out on a beach having sacrificed himself for her. Their love blossoms among scenes that are a bit gruesome and a lot wry, and I love the humor that bubbles up during the bleakest of moments. If you’re a Thelma and Louise and True Romance fan, welcome to your next binge." —Kim Doleatto, associate editor

Love Life

"Season 2 of this romantic comedy on HBO Max follows Marcus Watkins, a book editor in New York City who has been married to Emily for seven years. When he starts an emotional affair with a new woman, Watkins is divorced, and starts a whirlwind journey that involves dating a new woman every episode. The shows challenges issues such as race, interracial relationships, abortion, adultery and more, all while making the characters extremely relatable and charming. I would recommend if you are looking for a sweet, happy ending." —Allison Forsyth, associate editor

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