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Hitchcock, The West Wing and more: here's what's keeping us glued to our tubes.

By The Editors August 27, 2020

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“I’ve been binging on shows on my DVR—specifically, the old Alfred Hitchcock Hour from the early 1960s. I’m old enough to vaguely recall a few of them from when I was a kid (probably because they creeped me out!) Now, I’m seeing more of the dark humor in stories from writers like Ray Bradbury and Robert Bloch, among others, and enjoying catching actors, some of them new faces at the time, like Robert Redford, who went on to become huge stars. And of course there’s Hitch himself, introducing each story in his typically macabre way. It’s a blast from the past.” —Kay Kipling, executive editor

"I’m rewatching The West Wing on Netflix, all 156 episodes, which I haven’t seen since it went off the air in 2006; it’s my 'comfort food' in these chaotic times." —Ilene Denton, senior editor

"The Great British Baking Show is one of those shows you can always count to provide relaxing, feel-good content. Each week, amateur contestants from all over the United Kingdom participate in baking challenges, mastering a new dessert or confection. The judges’ sarcastic banter has me laughing every time, and the beautiful creations will have your mouth watering by the end of each episode. With 10 seasons available on Netflix, it's the perfect show to binge-watch in quarantine." —Allison Forsyth, editorial intern

"I completely whiffed on the show Community while it was on the air from 2009 to 2015, but when the sitcom was picked up by Netflix earlier this year, my wife and I began a serious binge. Most TV comedies become sentimental and bland as the seasons pass. Community, for the most part, dodges that fate by throwing its characters—students at a struggling community college—into all types of madcap adventures. The show runs wild with parodies of other TV shows and movies, sending up everything from Law & Order to Ken Burns documentaries, Die Hard and spaghetti westerns. I can't think of another show that better captures the spirit of the best episodes of The Simpsons. And that's saying something." —Cooper Levey-Baker, senior/food editor
"My brain tends to run a million miles per second, especially right now, so when I find something that helps me slow down and be present, I jump on it. The Gardener, on Amazon Prime, is the perfect antidote to days that feel rushed and like they're standing still at the same time. (Thanks to friend and Sarasota Magazine contributor Heather Dunhill for the tip!) It's about the late horticulturist Frank Cabot's incredible Les Jardins de Quatre Vents (Garden of the Four Winds); in it, the filmmakers interview Cabot, who passed away in 2011, and take viewers on a tour through his 20-acre garden, which includes rickety rope bridges, an authentic Japanese teahouse, waterfalls, reflecting pools, a pigeonnier in the style of a Swedish castle and more. And oh, the flowers! You can't help but get lost in the lush beauty of it all." —Megan McDonald, digital editor
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