Who doesn’t sometimes fondly recall a childhood toy or game—an iconic piece still in production or perhaps one lost to time? Photographer Ian Dean remembers—and possesses—more than most of us, and his series of images of such objects, Nostalgicons, will be on view in the Patricia Thompson Gallery in the Ringling College’s Keating Center (his alma mater) through Oct. 19.

“All these toys and things we get/buy are reflective of our interests and are kind of an extension of ourselves,” Dean says. “I was also curious how, when put all together, so many objects would look combined, what colors would be used between multiple toys, recurring themes in design. Originally, I was going to stop at 100 objects, but then I just kept going because there was still so much I wanted to shoot.” In all, he estimates he photographed more than 3,000 pieces.

Ninety percent of the pictures were shot in a light box against a black background. Dean says there was no advanced planning for the final images, “so putting everything together was like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle. I feel like certain collages or segments of them were put together in pretty much the only way they could be.” Take a look and see how many of these childhood possessions, dating from around 1980 to 2005, you recall. You can view more images at iandeanphoto.com.

Open by appointment 8/28-10/1 Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Open to public 10/1-10/19 Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. For appointment please email [email protected].

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