Art in the Time of Corona

At Urbanite Theatre, a one-night-only show with The Feast.

By Kay Kipling March 16, 2020

Gregory Boover and Clio Contogenis in a scene from Urbanite's The Feast.

It’s a truism of the theater that each night's performance is unique, unlike any other. That felt even more the case with Friday the 13th’s presentation of The Feast at Urbanite Theatre; due to the coronavirus threat, the rest of the run of the show, originally set to last through mid-April, has been postponed.

But a hardy group of theatergoers (probably under 50 in all) turned out Friday for this one-night only event. And, in the way our minds so often work, Cory Finley’s play about a man facing a deep fear felt relevant; after all, there is always something out there to get us.

The man, Matt (Gregory Boover), lives with his girlfriend, Anna (Clio Contogenis), in an apartment where he’s recently started to hear noises coming from the toilet. Enter a plumber (Casey Murphy, who plays several roles here), who feels mildly threatening. But then everything seems to threaten Matt, an artist whose latest painting (unseen by the audience) is starting to take on overtones of what he believes lurks in the sewers. He’s not even comfortable with his therapist (Murphy again), and of course he’s upset and angry when he finds out that Anna has been having an affair with a co-worker (also Murphy).

Boover and Casey Murphy in The Feast.

Are everyone and everything conspiring against Matt? Or is it his frail mental health that’s taking a turn for the worse? That question is not answered definitively in The Feast. With Finley’s short, taut (only an hour long) play, any answers you find are up to you as an individual.

But there’s both comedy and creepiness as The Feast unspools, with good performances by the three-member cast, under the direction of Urbanite co-artistic director Brendan Ragan. Maybe you’ll get to see it later this spring; in the meantime, in the face of mental illness, sewer monsters, or viral pandemics, let’s all try to stay safe.

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