Jules’ Rules

Sarasota Performer's New Book Offers Witty Advice for Women on the Dating Scene

Jules Price released her new book Don't Eat the Scraps on Tuesday.

By Olivia Epstein November 14, 2019

About 15 years ago, current Sarasota resident and former New York City based actor, singer and author Jules Price noticed a curious trend: After she'd been dating a man for six to eight weeks, he would inexplicably end their relationship. That insight led her to write Don't Eat the Scraps, a new book, released on Tuesday, that purports to cover the "unknown" behavior that men exhibit during their first two months of dating someone new.

In the book, Price draws on her own experiences in New York City and stories she has heard from female friends. She spent seven years, off and on, working on the book. "I kept putting it away and then I’d almost be scared to go back and see what I’d written all those months ago,” Price says. But she knew she had something worthwhile, because when she would pick up her book after a writing break, she would find herself laughing out loud. In March, Price attended a conference and the same topic came up again in conversation, which convinced her that she needed to finish her book.

Jules Price

Don't Eat the Scraps provides entertainment and advice for women at all stages of life: dating, married or divorced. “It’s an interesting book in the sense that women currently in the dating pool can read it for advice, while women who have been happily married can read it and laugh because they’re brought back in time,” Price says. And since the book took almost a decade to complete, she was able to follow up with many of the women she mentions in the beginning of her book to see how they have been doing since beginning to follow “Jules’ Rules,” a series of her best pieces of advice that makes up the second half of the book.

“That’s probably my favorite part,” Price says. “Being able to go back and hear from women I’ve randomly mentioned this theory to, and they tell me how it changed their entire perspective on relationships.”

Price emphasizes that the book does not bash men. In fact, quite the opposite. “We want men to keep performing this behavior, because now we’ve figured it out and know how to handle it," Price says. "If they realize they’re doing it and change, we’ll have to start over and figure out that new behavior.” The book is filled with funny stories, relatable anecdotes and steps to follow to avoid eating the scraps.

Don’t Eat the Scraps is available for purchase on Amazon.

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