If you’re familiar with both the Polynesian-based works of artist Paul Gauguin and the lush green oasis that is Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, you can’t help feeling he would have appreciated the gardens’ beauty—and the pairing of his own visual imagery with its world of nature. That pairing takes place starting this month with Gauguin: Voyage to Paradise, an exhibition that brings together several of his hand-carved woodcuts and rarely seen works in other media with displays of living plant “art,” Feb. 10 throughout June.

It’s the latest in the series of shows at Selby that match an artist’s vision with that of the gardens’ horticulturists. (Andy Warhol and Marc Chagall have been the focus of previous exhibitions.) Rare plants from the tropics will be showcased throughout the grounds and in the glass house conservatory, with the Gauguin pieces on display at the Museum of Botany & the Arts. For more info, visit selby.org.

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