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Hamilton Tickets Go on Sale Next Friday, Nov. 16, at The Straz

Mark your calendars, y'all.

By Megan McDonald November 9, 2018

Hamilton on Broadway in New York City.

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"I am not throwing away my shot!"

So says every person who plans to queue up for Hamilton tickets when they go on sale at The Straz in Tampa next Friday, Nov. 16. The smash-hit musical—written and composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also starred in the Broadway version—tells the story of founding father Alexander Hamilton through rap and R&B. (“There would have been nothin’ left to do for someone less astute. He would’ve been dead or destitute without a cent of restitution. Started workin’, clerkin’ for his late mother’s landlord, tradin’ sugarcane and rum and all the things he can’t afford. Scammin’ for every book he can get his hands on, plannin’ for the future," Aaron Burr proclaims in the show's title track "Alexander Hamilton.")

When the show opened in New York, it quickly became the most impossible ticket to get—and fans around the country have packed theaters to see the touring show. Now it's coming to Tampa—tickets for the shows at The Straz, which run from February through early March, go on sale next Friday, Nov. 16, at 9 a.m. They're available through The Straz's ticket sales office online, by phone and in person (a "virtual waiting room" opens at 6 a.m.; ticket-buyers will be assigned a position in the virtual line). Prices will range from $86 to $196, with a limited number of $489 premium seats. Handling fees apply and prices are subject to change. To allow as many people as possible the opportunity to purchase tickets to the show, the number of tickets any household may purchase has been limited to four; group sales are not available. Read the full FAQ here

Good luck! To quote the show, "let's raise a couple more to the revolution!"

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