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Sarasota's Annaliese Nock Makes Her Debut on "America's Got Talent"

The female daredevil follows her family's legacy by presenting a risk-taking performance.

By Vanessa Blankenship June 22, 2018

Sarasota local Annaliese Nock, who is known for her daredevil stunts, made her first appearance on the hit show “America’s Got Talent” on Tuesday, June 19.

She advanced to the second round of the talent show thanks to her daring performance called the Exploding Coffin. The adventurous 21-year-old blew everyone away when she left the scene without a scratch after locking herself in a wooden box filled with six lit sticks of dynamite.

Nock is following in the legacy of her daredevil family. Bello Nock, her father, was on the show last season and now is supporting his daughter through the competition.

Here is a clip of Annaliese’s performance on Tuesday.

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