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Green Bay Packers Fan Finds Luck at Goodwill

A helmet worn by former Packers cornerback Tyrone Williams in the 1998 Super Bowl cost one local fan $4.99.

By Jordan Noyes March 2, 2018

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Justin Doyle

Perusing the selection of donated goods at Goodwill’s Venice Island store, Justin Doyle, a regular there, was shocked to find a helmet worn by Tyrone Williams, a retired NFL player and former Packers cornerback who played in 1998’s Super Bowl XXXII against the Denver Broncos.

The helmet was in rough shape, but Doyle immediately paid $4.99 for it, washed it and considered the luck. “I am a Green Bay Packers fan and have been my whole life,” says Doyle. Known as Billy Jack on the local 107.9 WSRZ Jones & Company morning radio show, Doyle was quick to broadcast his enthusiasm to his listeners live.

The helmet possessed several Super Bowl stickers on the inside and back. The Packer’s signature “G” logos had been removed at some point, but could be restored. Overall, it was in good shape after two decades of wear and tear. “[It] definitely made the walk to the register an intense one,” Doyle says. He contacted Williams via Twitter to confirm the helmet's authenticity, and Williams offered to sign the helmet, believed to have been donated to Goodwill by an ex-wife, the next time he visits the area.

Though the Packers lost Super Bowl XXXII 31-24, Williams, who had a total of 466 tackles in his career, performed well, and even recovered the ball after a forced fumble against the Broncos.

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