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A Cartoon Guide to Sarasota's Coming Attractions

Here’s an exclusive preview of some projects on the drawing board that are sure to raise our cultural profile.

By Robert Plunket Illustrations by Regan Dunnick November 30, 2016 Published in the December 2016 issue of Sarasota Magazine

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Excitement is building! Soon the Sarasota Museum of Art will open, the latest dollop of culture to land in our midst. It’s a watershed moment—but it’s just the beginning. More museums are in the planning stages, big ones, small ones, all promising to bring even more art—and tourists—to our little town. Here’s an exclusive preview of some projects on the drawing board that are sure to raise our cultural profile.

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“Good Plain Fun” is the motto of the seven-acre theme park planned for the heart of Pinecraft. Celebrate Sarasota’s Amish heritage, complete with hymn singing, quilting bees and mule skinning. Seniors and Mennonites admitted free on Mondays. 

And the timely new Parking Meter Museum is located downtown on Main Street. Admission is $1 for the first 15 minutes. (During peak hours—9 a.m. to 5 p.m.—visitors are urged to park at Ed Smith Stadium and take the courtesy shuttle.)


Mcmansion finish jjv0jr

An authentic recreation of an old-fashioned McMansion, complete with period-costumed volunteers re-enacting the lives of residents. Marvel at a way of life that’s fast disappearing.

Bondi finish ek3e96

An exciting day trip to nearby Temple Terrace, where the early years of Florida’s famous attorney general have been painstakingly preserved for future generations. Marvel at her childhood playthings, see her degree from Trump Kindergarten, and don’t forget a treat from the snack bar! 

Trophy wife finish wyrrae

A tribute to the pioneering women who made Sarasota what it is today. You’ll be inspired by their stories of grit, determination and breast augmentation. Don’t miss the Pool House exhibit, where heavily muscled pool boys tempt you with an exciting but dangerous fling. 

And finally, in an effort to assure absolute transparency, Congressman Vern Buchanan will be displaying his money at Robarts Arena. FOR ONE MONTH ONLY—Jan. 1 through Jan. 31. Note: There is an extra fee for the “touch-and- feel” section.

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