Vintage Sarasota: Mira Mar Apartments

This week: Palm Avenue's Mira Mar apartments.

By Chelsey Lucas July 10, 2013

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Mira Mar Apartments (ca 1923). Called the “Sixty Day Wonder” for its round-the-clock construction, headed by industrialist Andrew McAnsh, the Mira Mar Apartments stand on Palm Avenue. McAnsh was granted a $200,000 building permit by the city and construction began in 1922. “Mira Mar” translates to “sea view,” a fitting title for the hotel overlooking the gulf which stood behind the apartments. For twenty years, the Mira Mar hotel stood as the premier beachfront lodging; however, by the 1950s, its prestige was on a slow decline as more hotels were being built throughout the city. -- Chelsey Lucas

Photograph courtesy of Sarasota County Department of Historical Resources.

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