Sneak Preview: "American Moderns" Opens at Ringling Museum This Week

We get a sneak peek at the Ringling Museum's new "American Moderns" exhibit, which opens June 14.

By Megan McDonald June 12, 2013

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Okeeffe 1 csyupr
Georgia O'Keeffe (American, 1887-1986). 2 Yellow Leaves (Yellow Leaves), 1928. Oil on canvas, 40 x 30 1/8 in. (101.6 x 76.5 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Bequest of Georgia O'Keeffe, 87.136.6.[/caption]

On Friday, June 14, the Ringling Museum will open its American Moderns exhibition to the public, featuring the work of American modernists such as Norman Rockwell, George O'Keeffe, Stuart Davis, Joseph Stella, Milton Avery and many more. Organized and co-curated by the Brooklyn Museum, the exhibit will remain open through September 8 in the Ringling's Arthur F. and Ulla R. Searing Wing.

"What we have in these galleries are artists working in what I think is one of the most exciting times in American history," says Matthew McLendon, Ringling's curator of modern and contemporary art. "During these decades, we have the first World War, the second World War, the Great Depression and the rapid urbanization and industrialization of America. As you walk through the thematic groupings of the exhibition, you'll see how artists with very different visions and very different voices are responding to these great societal upheavals. I think that's what's most exciting about this exhibition--seeing, in a very condensed way, the enormous amount of innovation, evolution and productivity in the American art scene during this time."

We got a preview of the exhibition earlier this week; here are some of the artists whose work you'll see in it. For more information, visit

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Okeeffe 21 zmp6ff
Georgia O'Keeffe (American, 1887-1986). Green, Yellow and Orange, 1960. Oil on canvas, 40 x 30 in. (101.6 x 76.2 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Bequest of Georgia O'Keeffe, 87.136.3.[/caption]

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Bellows tbnbec
George Wesley Bellows (American, 1882-1925). The Sand Cart, 1917. Oil on canvas, 30 1/4 x 44 1/16 in. (76.8 x 111.9 cm) Frame: 38 5/8 x 52 3/4 in. (98.1 x 134 cm). Brooklyn Museum, John B. Woodward Memorial Fund, 24.85.[/caption]

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Hallowell vmye48
Robert Hallowell (American, 1886-1939). Poppies, 1934. Oil on canvas, 25 7/8 x 20 7/8 in. (65.7 x 53 cm) , Frame: 32 1/8 x 27 1/8 in. (81.6 x 68.9 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Corliss Lamont, 49.171.[/caption]

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Weber fauwo5
Max Weber (American, born Russia, 1881-1961). Abraham Walkowitz, 1907. Oil on canvas, 25 1/4 x 20 1/4 in. (64.1 x 51.4 cm), Framed: 30 1/2 x 25 1/2 in. (77.5 x 64.8 cm), Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Abraham Walkowitz, 44.65.[/caption]

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Macdonaldwright uzqiqw
Stanton Macdonald-Wright (American, 1890-1973). Synchromy No. 3, 1917. Oil on canvas, 39 x 38 in. (99.0 x 96.5 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Bequest of Edith and Milton Lowenthal, 1992.11.24.[/caption]

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Stella y2m754
Joseph Stella (American, born Italy, 1877-1946). The Virgin, 1926. Oil on canvas, 39 11/16 x 38 3/4 in. (100.8 x 98.4 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Adolph Lewisohn, 28.207.[/caption]

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