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This week: The lychee martini at Yume Sushi

The drink: Raspberry vodka, sake, pomegranate liqueur, lychee syrup, lychee fruit garnish. With everything else going on here, it’s amazing that the lychee flavor still stars. If you’re not familiar, lychee is prominently both floral and creamy, so that the drink is sweet with a lingering flowery, almost dairy-like aftertaste. The fruit itself is another standout factor—a textural adventure not quite like anything else. (Hysterically, I once had a coworker describe eating a lychee as “like chewing on someone’s lung.”)

The bar: Yume’s move to the south side of Main Street included the welcome addition of a full bar, though it’s still very much a restaurant dining-room setting. Moody lighting lends a sense of occasion, though it’s still a go-to spot for your weekly sushi fix.

Food: Sushi stars, though there’s also a big menu of Japanese and Thai classics and unique specialties.

Other notable potables: The cocktail list is an impressive assortment of Asian-inspired creations, including martinis featuring ginger, cucumber, coconut and pear, respectively.

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