2021 in Review

Sarasota Magazine's Top 10 Health and Wellness Stories of 2021

From Covid-19 vaccines to how to relieve anxiety to nutrition, we covered a range of health-related topics this year.

By Allison Forsyth December 29, 2021

Covid was the topic on everyone's minds this year, of course—but in 2021, we also wrote quite a bit about how the health and wellness industry has woven into the fabric of our town, from astrology to yoga to nutrition. Here are our top 10 stories of 2021.

1. How Tonight's Full Moon in Taurus Will Affect Your Star Sign

Local astrologer Suzanne Gerber breaks down relationships, personal security and more.

2. Is It Safe to Exercise After Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine?

A medical advisor for Orangetheory Fitness says working out after getting the vaccine may help prevent soreness and fatigue, but if you've actually had Covid, the answer is more complicated.

3. Where to Get a Covid Test or Vaccine in Sarasota and Manatee Counties

Bookmark this list of local testing sites, vaccination sites and how to access Covid-related aid, such as rental assistance.

4. Sarasota Memorial Opens New Venice Hospital

Construction of the new facility is complete and has begun accepting patients.

5. Feel Better: Five Yoga Poses to Calm the Nervous System

We asked Pineapple Yoga + Cycling Studio owner Claudia Baeza to share five poses to help balance our bodies and calm our minds. The result? A restorative practice you can do in the comfort of your own home.

6. The 'Sarasota Walkers' Walking Group Offers Fitness and Friendship for All

Thirty to 40 people now show up at a time, looking to make friends or get in some cardio.

7. Sarasota Memorial's Covid-19 Patient Census Is Highest It's Ever Been

Of the 239 Covid-positive patients in the hospital, 52 are in the ICU and 34 are on ventilators; 89 percent of them are unvaccinated.

8. Can Allergy Treatments Improve Your Hearing?

Environmental allergies can cause poor hearing, tinnitus and a loss of balance.

9. Sarasota Memorial Hospital Reports Record Number of Covid Patients

On August 10, 2021, the hospital had 201 Covid-positive patients-the highest number since the pandemic began in March 2020.

10. Does Coffee Boost Your Metabolism?

Coffee has received mixed reviews from the medical community over the years. Does the stimulating drink have any benefits?

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