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How Tonight's Full Moon in Taurus Will Affect Your Star Sign

Local astrologer Suzanne Gerber breaks down relationships, personal security and more.

By Dedriana Perry November 19, 2021

Tonight's full moon in Taurus also features a partial lunar eclipse.

Tonight's full moon in Taurus also features a partial lunar eclipse.

Tonight, Nov. 19, we'll see a full moon in Taurus and partial lunar eclipse. Full moons are always magical and thrilling, but when there’s an eclipse, other behaviors come out of  hiding.  The duality between the sun in Scorpio right now and the moon in Taurus, opposites to each other on the zodiac wheel, brings together the areas of the chart that rule—such as shared resources and personal security.

If you're an astrology fan, you know there will be an emphasis on finance and personal and emotional security. Hey, even if you aren't a believer in the stars it doesn't hurt to pay attention because as a country, community and individual, the significance of an eclipse and full moon will be felt on every level.

“A full moon is a point of culmination, completion and perfection,” says Suzanne Gerber, astrologer and owner of Stars and Stones Healing in Sarasota. “It can also be a turning point.”

People are going to experience a shift in their needs and awareness for more security, says Gerber. For some this may look like saving money, making home improvements or investing.

We asked Gerber for a breakdown of how each star sign will be impacted. For astrology amateurs, be sure to check out your rising sign — the sign that was ascending over the eastern horizon when you were born, as it may be more accurate.


This full moon falls in Scorpio's partnership house, where the focus is all about relationships. Known for their natural intensity, Scorpios want commitment in their relationships. They may find themselves having the courage to cut off relationships where they don't see long-term security.


This naturally outspoken star sign should pay attention to their throat for potential aches and pains, since Taurus rules the neck area, says Gerber. They might become more grounded with their health and more organized about their work system. Also worth noting, she adds: it's important to make sure that they're not hurting anybody when speaking their truth.


Landing in their house of playfulness and creativity, Capricorns can expect to feel a burst of flirtiness with this full moon, says Gerber. It's a time to get back into their body, in a sensual way, like trying out a movement class like yoga or dance.


For Aquariuses, the focus is going to be on home improvement, with an emphasis on making the home more functional and comfortable. They might feel more inclined to do more entertaining and cooking, says Gerber—perfect timing as the holiday season quickly approaches.


Sensitive yet social, Pisces may ask themselves, "Who do I feel comfortable with?" and "Why am I hanging out with that person?" says Gerber. She adds that friends should enrich your life. Pisces are going to want more comfort and enjoyment. They can take time to dine out, check out live music or maybe see a comedy show with friends who make them feel safe and secure.


For Aries, this full moon will fall in their money house. Now is not the time to gamble, says Gerber. Pay attention to wasteful spending and make smart choices. This may look like making financial decisions that will ensure stability and protection for yourself and your family—especially for business owners.


The full moon in Taurus creates special energy for those with sun or rising placements. They want to feel safe and secure in partnerships, says Gerber.  It's a good time to talk with your partner about the future. If you're single, look for people who are focused on security, with a future. If you're an Aries who's newly dating, make sure your needs are being met.


For Geminis, this will be a time to calm down impulsive behaviors and tap into their unconscious mind and spirituality. Gerber says you might go into astrology more deeply, pay closer attention to your dreams and read spiritual books that make you feel good.


The need to protect and go with their intuition is no secret to Cancerians. They'll find themselves examining their friendships and work relationships, as this full moon centers around their social house, says Gerber. They might feel uncomfortable around people who they feel are disrupting their community and will need to focus on what makes them feel safe and secure.


Leos are naturally creative and love to have fun. With an emphasis on careers this full moon, they'll find themselves needing more security within their job to find balance, says Gerber. If employed with a company, they may wonder what their future will look like in two years. If they're a business owner, they may find themselves looking to secure their assets or slow down on projections for next year.


Known for their detail-driven mindset, Virgos will have the opportunity to expand their world and focus on practical growth, says Gerber. They might want to travel again—as long as it’s safe. If they're in need of advanced skills they might consider going back to school, refining their industry knowledge or picking up a foreign language.


Libras will feel a sense of Scorpio energy, as they feel compelled to get serious about personal relationships. If married, they'll want to get the passion back and foster more connections. If single, don’t forget how important those connections are. Whether it's as simple as cuddling or snuggling, make sure your person shares your needs and values, says Gerber.

Stars and Stones Healing is located at Turnberry on Autumn Woods Way in Bradenton.

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