Barancik Foundation Board Approves $2.3 Million in Grant Funding

The funding will support emerging needs in the community and provide more equitable access to healthcare and arts experiences.

By Staff May 24, 2021

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The Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation board of directors recently approved $2.3 million in grant funding to support emerging needs in the community and provide more equitable access to healthcare and arts experiences. The grant recipients are the following:

$421,500 to Easterseals Southwest Florida to provide support for the creation of the Autism Center of Excellence.

$250,000 to The Haven for matching opportunities toward the construction of a new residential group home for adults with developmental disabilities.

$250,000 to All Star Children’s Foundation to support their mission of creating a safe place for children to heal from the trauma of child abuse.

$225,000 to Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office to fill gaps identified by re-entry navigators, add mental health capacity, and supplement funding for critical expenses as individuals transition out of the justice system.

$150,000 to the Women's Resource Center to increase access to affordable care and provide counseling services to their clients, as well as those from referring agencies.

$150,000 to Hermitage Artist Retreat over two years, to enable the organization to build on and promote past success, allow more diverse artists to come to Sarasota, and expand opportunities for connections between artists and students and others in our community—particularly those frequently underrepresented.

$150,000 in funding to support grassroots efforts by partnering organizations to address Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy and support other identified work to improve health equity.

$125,000 to Resilient Retreat to build capacity and provide trauma-informed care training and therapies for groups and individuals in the community.

$106,700 to Suncoast Black Arts Collaborative to enhance partnerships with our schools and other organizations committed to developing relevant arts curriculum and experiences for students of color.

$100,000 in matching funds to WEDU to support the organization’s publicly broadcasted PBS at-home learning programming for children, parents, and teachers.

$100,000 to the Barancik Foundation’s Project Nature Bridge initiative to bridge the gap for minority students interested in science to organizations with access to Sarasota’s best outdoor learning experiences.

$73,737 to New College Foundation to support a series of college essay writing workshops for students pursuing post-secondary education. Funds will also be used to attract, support, and retain transfer students.

$71,000 to CreArte Latino SRQ to support the Para el Futuro project, which aims to bring the community together using diverse cultural arts experiences.  Funds will also be used to support the organization as they safely reopen.

$50,000 to Suncoast Science Center to increase funds for scholarship opportunities and increase the center’s free outreach to nonprofits and Title 1 schools.

$50,000 to Southface Energy Institute to support the organization as it works in Sarasota to promote sustainable homes, workplaces, and communities through education, research, advocacy, and technical assistance.

$30,000 to Brotherhood of Men Mentor Group to support mentorship and positive role models for young men in Newtown.

$25,000 grant to J5 Experience Incorporated to support single mothers and their daughters in the community.

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