Sarasota Medical Company Launches New Remote Monitoring Service

MiHealth Monitoring is designed to help medical professionals keep an eye on patients with chronic health problems—while also keeping vulnerable patients out of waiting rooms.

By Staff April 28, 2020

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Medical Innovations LLC today announced the launch of MiHealth Monitoring, a Medicare-covered daily at-home remote asynchronous monitoring service for patients with chronic health problems. It's designed to help medical professionals keep a close eye on their patients at home, while also keeping vulnerable patients out of waiting rooms filled with sick people.

Developed by Medical Innovations founder Dr. Kirk Voelker—critical care pulmonologist and director of clinical research for Sarasota Memorial Hospital—the platform  leverages the technology of activity trackers, which record activity and heart rate every minute of the day and provide tracking of a patient’s normal activity patterns, as well as their heart rate response to those activities. MiHealth Monitoring also combines artificial intelligence with real human medical intelligence to see when there are deviations from normal patterns, which may indicate that there is an early problem that the patient may not even be aware of.  In addition, by directly interfacing with a simple finger oxygen meter, MiHealth Monitoring allows for the detection of early physiologic changes that may indicate an exacerbation of a heart or lung problem. 

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