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Hospice Nonprofit Names New CEO

Stratum Health System and Tidewell Hospice recently hired Jonathan Fleece.

By Staff June 28, 2018

Jonathan Fleece

Stratum Health System and Tidewell Hospice recently hired Jonathan Fleece as their president and CEO. Fleece has served as the chief executive officer and managing partner of Blalock Walters and has been a member of either the Tidewell or Stratum boards since 2009. He began his health care career in St. Louis, Missouri, in the late 1990s and spent several years in administration and in the general counsel’s office at Saint Louis University’s Medical Center. Stratum Health System was created to oversee and support the missions of Tidewell Hospice, Approved Home Health, Connexis Medical Services, Avidity Home Health, Treasures Thrift Shop and Tidewell Real Estate. Tidewell offers hospice services to thousands of residents in Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte and DeSoto counties each year.

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