Applause and Accolades

Sarasota Magazine Group Publisher Kelley Lavin Honored by Neuro Challenge Foundation.

Along with founder Doreen Sutherland, Kelley Lavin was recognized for her longtime service to the organization.

By Pam Daniel March 25, 2016

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Kelley Lavin and Doreen Sutherland

Sarasota group publisher Kelley Lavin was honored Thursday, March 24, by the Neuro Challenge Foundation. Lavin, along with Neuro Challenge founder Doreen Sutherland, was recognized for her longtime service to the organization, which works to improve the lives of those with Parkinson’s disease and their families and caretakers.

Lavin, who has served on the board of the foundation, has been a tireless advocate for the organization for years, advising them on expanding their visibility and support, including by publishing a guide to Parkinson’s resources and services in Sarasota.  After her mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Lavin happened to meet Doreen Sutherland and learned about the organization. “They helped me take control, understand the process and how to act on it,” she says. “They gave me a community.”

Lavin and Sutherland were honored at the 2016 Cause4Hope Gala at Michael’s On East.

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