Sarasota Magazine April 2014: The Outdoor Issue

The Outdoor Issue.

By Megan McDonald April 3, 2014


Freeze Frame

Inside the Ellenton ice rink where champions train.

The Photo Ark

National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore hopes his portraits may help rescue some of Florida's at-risk species.

Park Patrol

Our state parks are unique and acclaimed. So why do we have to keep fighting to keep them that way? Award-winning environmental reporter Craig Pittman investigates.

Hollywood South?

As this month's festival proves, Sarasota loves the movies. But that alone won't make us a player in the competitive world of filmmaking. By Hannah Wallace

Spring Fling

Beachy-chic resort wear for spring.

Snagging the Silver Kings

Novelist Randy Wayne White's fight to protect Florida's tarpon has all the elements of one of his acclaimed thrillers. By Tony D'Souza

What Do Billionaires Really Want?

When it comes to real estate, the answers may surprise you. By Robert Plunket


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From the Editor

Pam Daniel takes us aboard the Ark Project.

The Heat Index

People, issues and events on our radar, including top tickets, Carol Tisch's shopping finds, chef Judi Gallagher's dish, Heather Dunhill's Fashion IQ , Bob Plunket's Home of the Month—and more.

Mr. Chatterbox

Mr. C is outraged by our "Young Issue." What about celebrating the Old?

Luxury Home

Landscape projects we love, plus the latest news in real estate and design trends.

Health Report

An interview with a celebrity burn survivor, new warnings about acetaminophen and a look at fitness program Gyrotonics. By Hannah Wallace

Food and Wine

John Bancroft finds Bradenton cuisine stars in the new Derek's and Soma Creekside. Plus: Sarasota's best Key lime pie, and the makers of the award-winning Lick My Spoon caramel sauce.

Only in Sarasota

Illustrator John Pirman spots a hidden gem: the Bayfront Community Center.

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