Animal Instincts: Expert Instruction on How To Double Cat-Eye

By Megan McDonald October 6, 2011

OK, so before I launch into the "Double-Cat-Eye-How-To" by Anne Schumacher, I really want to share a bit about her incredibly cool qualification as our instructor.

Not only did she work at Bloomingdale's in NYC as resident makeup artist and fragrance specialist in the private shopping service, Anne apprenticed, for more than four years, with the “dean of makeup artists” Pablo Manzoni, who revolutionized makeup in the ‘60s. If this doesn’t quite ring a bell yet, then no doubt you’ll recognize some of his clientele: Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Diana Vreeland and his muse Maria Callas (Pablo is responsible for her famous cat-eye).

Maria Callas

Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Diana Vreeland

Pablo’s trust in Anne’s talent was so great that he sent her on beauty house calls to his clients’ homes, hotels and showrooms. One of Anne’s favorites: Rosita Missoni.

Now, who could blame you if you wanted your own personal one-on-one with the woman who trained with a beauty legend and made notable stylish icons more beautiful for more than 15 years in NYC? 

No problem.  Anne offered complimentary instruction to Fashion I.Q. blog readers.  To schedule an appointment at The Met on St. Armands Circle call (941) 388-3991.

Step-by-step instructions follow the video with the Trish McEvoy cosmetics used. All products available at The Met.

(And just a quick side note, since we’re getting some wonderful seasonal weather, here’s some scarf tying inspiration if you missed my blog on how to Tie One On.)


Anne Schumacher’s Double Cat-Eye: Step by Step

Step 1.) Use Trish McEvoy Angled Eyeliner brush #50. With a drop of TM's Finish Line, make a paste texture with the TM Eye Definerin Black (or other Definer color).


Step 2.) Begin on inside corner of lash line.  Sweep Definer across entire lash line, pushing down harder and making the line thicker on the outside third of lash line.

Start to angle line up about a 1/4 -1/2 inch before outside corner of eye, angling the line slightly towards outside of brow. Fill in, and straighten out the slight "Nike Swoosh"-like line.

Step 3.) Clean the edge of the angled line (tail) with a Trish McEvoy cotton swab, dipped lightly into the Trish McEvoy eye makeup remover. 

Step 4.) Do the same along the bottom lash line, continuing the line to the end of the bottom lash line, then continuing up into the “tail," parallel to the top lash line's "tail,"
 just to bring it up a notch!

Step 5.) Use the Trish McEvoy Intense Black eye pencil along the top inside "water line" (under the top lash line).

(This coveted sell-out pencil will soon also be available in "Arabian Nights," an intense midnight-blue color.) 

Step 6.) Use Trish McEvoy's Lash Enhancing Liquid Eyeliner (which strengthens lashes while defining them). Begin at inside corner of eye dragging along lash line while gradually making the line thicker (by pressing down harder), and thinly tracing the tail. Do the same along the bottom lash-line. If you want to make the line thinner, or "crisp," use the TM cotton swab again.

Note: The outside angle/swoosh/tail and thickness is a little different on everyone, depending on your eye shape. We recommend you stop by to see the professionals at The Met’s Trish McEvoy counter, Anne and Carissa. They will make you feel confident in achieving this look and others.

To finish the overall face and look:

Curl your lashes with Trish McEvoy's Lash Curler. Follow with Trish McEvoy's High Volume or Lash Curling Mascara (with which you will never end up with black under your eye).

Also, you must have good brows to correctly frame those eyes. If you do need more perfect brows, try Trish's Brow Shaping Pencil.

Then follow with the Trish McEvoy Correct & Brighten, Instant Eye Lift (when needed) and foundation, followed by a small inside corner "7" application of Flawless concealer.

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