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Authentic Florida Valentine's Day Cookies

Just in time for Valentine's Day: Festive Authentic Florida cookies.

02/11/2015 By Robin Draper


Photo of the Week: Flock Meeting at Sarasota Jungle Gardens

This week's Photo of the Week highlights the gorgeous flamingos who reside at Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

01/29/2015 By Bobbilynn Hollifield


Manatees Gather at Three Sisters Springs

One hour north of Tampa, Crystal River is the world’s largest winter refuge for Florida manatees - and also where you can visit the “crown jewel” of all - Three Sisters Springs, a place to see and swim with manatees.

01/20/2015 By Robin Draper


Six Authentic Florida Travel Destinations for 2015

We have turned the calendar to 2015. What will you do to get your year off to a fresh start?

01/12/2015 By Robin Draper


Photo of the Week: Sunset on Sarasota's Bayfront

Jealousy-inducing scenery and sunsets are part of what makes Sarasota's bayfront so appealing.

01/08/2015 By Bobbilynn Hollifield


Photo of the Week: Impending Flight

This week, a pink spoonbill prepares to take flight.

01/01/2015 By Bobbilynn Hollifield


Exactly Where to Eat on Your Sarasota Vacation

You’ll find great views, food and fun at these local favorites.

12/30/2014 By Marsha Fottler


Photo of the Week: Sarasota's Gulf Air

New Photo of the Week: This one will immediately evoke the smell of Gulf air and Sarasota sunshine.

12/25/2014 By Bobbilynn Hollifield


Recipe: Authentic Florida's Sour Orange Pie

Learn how to make this sour orange pie recipe just in time for the holidays using fresh Florida oranges and lemons

12/18/2014 By Robin Draper


Photo of the Week: Black Swan at Sarasota Jungle Gardens

This week: A beautiful black swan at Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

12/18/2014 By Bobbilynn Hollifield


Make Your Own Wreath In Less Than An Hour

Create your own DIY magnolia holiday wreath with Authentic Florida as Robin Draper walks you through these easy steps.

12/10/2014 By Robin Draper


Exactly Where to Eat on Your Sarasota Vacation

You’ll find great views, food and fun at these local favorites.

12/01/2014 By Marsha Fottler


A Day Trip Brooksville, Florida's Green Acres

Brooksville is a quaint historic town, north of Tampa where oak canopy roads meander through rolling green hills creating an ideal journey for the authentic Florida traveler.

11/03/2014 By Robin Draper


Photo of the Week: Sunrise over Ken Thompson Park

This week's Photo of the Week, at Ken Thompson Park, shows us how calm a Sarasota sunrise can be.

10/30/2014 By Bobbilynn Hollifield


Authentic Dade City, Where the Kumquat Rules

Welcome to Dade City where Florida southern charm combines hospitality, history and a “golden gem” known as the kumquat.

10/23/2014 By Robin Draper


Chef Judi Tells Us What and Where to Eat in Italy

Chef Judi's sharing her foodie field notes from an Italian holiday.

10/21/2014 By Judi Gallagher


Authentic Florida Fall

Fall is in the air. In most areas of the country, there is an obvious change of season but in Florida, fall arrives in much more subtle ways.

10/02/2014 By Robin Draper


The Florida House Reopens Its Doors

This year, the Florida House--the first green demonstration house in the country--will reopen its doors to the public.

09/24/2014 By Susan Burns


Step Back in Time: Four Florida Forts

Historical Florida forts provide opportunities to climb over, under and through tunnels, gates, walkways and walls while peering through turrets with sweeping panoramic harbor and beach vistas.

09/16/2014 By Robin Draper


Authentic Mango Ice Cream

Florida mangos are in season and mango ice cream is the perfect dessert to help you cool down. No machine required!

08/08/2014 By Robin Draper