Florida Ranked 18th Most 'Innovative' State in U.S.

Florida was ranked as the nation's 18th most "innovative" state in a new study published by the finance and research website Wallethub.

03/22/2019 By Staff


Florida No. 47 in Ranking of 'Best States for Teachers'

To compile the rankings, Wallethub looked at teachers' salaries and income growth, tenure protections, overall school quality, teacher turnover and more.

09/25/2018 By Staff


Florida Still No. 6 in Ranking of Best States in Which to Start a Business

Texas was ranked as the top state in which to start a business, followed by Utah, Georgia, Montana, Oklahoma and then Florida.

07/02/2018 By Staff


Florida No. 6 in Ranking of Best States in Which to Start a Business

The financial research website WalletHub created the list by examining data points related to a state's overall business environment, access to financing and business costs.

07/05/2017 By staff


Florida Ranked the 13th Most 'Stressed' State

The ranking is based on stress levels related to work, money, family, health and safety.

04/04/2017 By staff


Florida Ranked No. 19 in List of 'Innovative' States

Florida ranks No. 19 in a new list of the country's most "innovative states" compiled by WalletHub, a financial research site.

03/23/2017 By staff


Southwest Florida City Ranked No. 3 in List of America's Fastest-Growing

Lehigh Acres, located south of Sarasota County, was ranked No. 3 in a list of the country's fastest-growing cities compiled by the finance website WalletHub.

10/03/2016 Research by staff


Sarasota Ranked as Best Florida City 'for Finding a Job'

Analysts compared 130 Florida cities using 16 relevant metrics to evaluate each city's job market and socioeconomic environment.

06/16/2016 Research by staff